About Forest Lakes and the Pine River Valley

The Forest Lakes Community is located in La Plata County, Colorado and sits between the Town of Bayfield and the San Juan Mountains in the Pine River Valley. With the climate, elevation, and abundance of water, early settlers to the Pine River Valley found that the area was ideal for prosperous settlements and the growing of crops. The early settlements are characterized by the trials and triumphs of these early pioneers determined to develop the land and carve a niche for themselves in the San Juan Mountains. Named Rio de Los Pinos by 18th-century Spanish explorers, the Pine River Valley boasts some of the richest land in Southwestern Colorado. As pioneers and settlers became aware of these natural resources, towns sprouted up throughout the valley proper. One of these communities was historic Bayfield.

What’s important about Forest Lakes Community?

  • The community is located about 8 miles north of Bayfield, CO.
  • Forest Lakes Subdivision is the largest subdivision in Southwestern Colorado.
  • The subdivision encompasses approximately 1,865 acres, and consists of 1,600 parcels with approximately 826 structures and 2,000 residents.

Our Mission

The mission of the FLMD is to provide safe and efficient operation and maintenance of District roads, vehicles and buildings as well as cost effective and safe operation of District infrastructure.  This includes water and wastewater services, centralized trash disposal and recreational services for residents in Forest Lakes.

Our Vision

The FLMD District will be recognized by residents and District employees as providing high quality road, building maintenance as well as water and wastewater services, centralized trash disposal and recreational services for Forest Lakes residents. We will be known for responsiveness, reliability, good stewardship of resident funds and compassionate attention given to the needs of every resident and employee.

Contact  Administration

Guy Patterson - District Manager
Jamie Echeverri - Office Manager
Shawna Johnson - Front Desk Utility Billing Clerk / Office Asst

Contact Operations & Maintenance

Trever Most - Supervisor
Tim Ellis
Darryle Johnson
George Nobriga
Austin Yates
Robert Diaz
Larry Bullard

Coming Events


Small lightning strike fire and smoke

At 2:09 pm Sunday October 1st 2023 we were made aware of a small lightning  fire located outside of the District. If you see helicopters pulling from lake Simpatico [...]

Forest Lakes Entrance

Forest Lakes Entrance

Forest Lakes Bears

Forest Lakes Bears

Lake Simpatico

Lake Simpatico


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