“Every election is determined by the people who show up.” – Larry Sabato, Political Scientist


Those interested in running for one of the 3 vacant positions on the FLMD Board of Directors please fill out and submit your self-nomination form. Forms are due by FEB 20, 2020 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VLWEJJgypf3MJ4jT_vpo7x9FIvzIEvwM/view

REMINDER: Please abide by all posted signs regarding garbage and slash drop off. Garbage facilities are for household refuse only and the slash pile is for yard material. Do not leave trash in front of the dumpsters and do not use garbage facilities for items such as: appliances, tires, carpets, construction waste, mattresses/furniture, batteries, hazardous chemicals, etc.

Notice – LPEA’s Forestry Specialist contacted the FLMD to let us know that they will be removing whole trees or cutting limbs from those trees that are impacting their electrical distribution system. We expect them to start in the next couple of weeks and they are currently attempting to contact as many residents as possible in the vicinity of where they will be cutting trees. Our posting on the website will hopefully get the word out to everybody else.

*Please note that the wood will be available to Forest Lakes residents at no cost. Where practical, the live tree branches will be mulched and returned to the forest.

The First Snowfall is upon us! 

In light of this, we need your help!  Please remember that in order for us to provide snowplowing of your road, we are asking that you not park or store items including vehicles and trailers within the road right of way, which is sixty (60) feet wide. In other words, your items must be parked or stored on your property, not on District property. If you have items within this area, please remove them as soon as possible. Also, your covenants restrict parking within the road rights-of-way and provide for a twenty five-(25) foot front setback area which the District utilizes for snow storage in years of heavy snow.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter!