Posted on March 31, 2021

From the District Manager

Industrial Coating Inc (ICI), Farmington, has completed the interior coating of our Pine Ridge Water tank that supplies drinking water to Unit 2.  We expect to have that tank up and fully operational no later than April 2nd.  Our contractor will then coat the interior of our second Green Ridge tank, which has been decommissioned due to a pin hole in the tank’s wall.  We requested a quote from ICI to also coat the interior of our E. Pine Top tank, and if this quote is in line with those of the other 2 tanks, our contractor will complete that tank after he finishes the coating work on the Green Ridge tank.  Later this summer as the outside and tank surface temperatures warm up, our contractor will paint the exteriors of the above 3 tanks.  With these projects, we are “breathing new life” into our tanks by extending their usability by several years. If residents have questions about these projects, please call us at 970-884-2925.  We have included a diagram that shows the locations of all 5 of the District’s water tanks.