Forest Lakes Metropolitan District is currently open for business and we have developed a Continuity of Operations Plan that will help ensure our essential services continue to the best of our ability while we as a nation combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our staff remains ready, willing and able to provide day-to-day resident services such as roads maintenance, operations of our critical water and wastewater treatment and distribution systems, accounts billings and payments, etc..

With that being said, we ask that our residents work with us to reduce face-to-face interactions as much as possible during this public health crisis by calling FLMD to make an appointment if you need to come into the office.  Please feel free to continue calling our office with inquires, so we can address any questions of concerns you may have.

For payments, continue using the drop boxes at the Mailstop or at the main office on Mountain View Drive, and you can also make credit card payments by calling our main office at 970-884-2925 or through our website.

These changes are an effort to implement social distancing, the most effective measure against the spread of disease by reducing close contact between people in order to slow community transmission of COVID-19.

Our next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for April 14th and the “Meet and Greet” the new Board Member Candidates” is scheduled for April 19th.  We will keep everybody posted as to the status of these two events.  Thank you for your patience!