Posted on September 3, 2020, by the District Manager

Over the last few months, District staff has identified several dead and dangerous trees in our right-of-way and we need to remove them before they become more of a hazard to the residents or our infrastructure. Our efforts will also help us mitigate the fire risk posed by these dead trees.

In light of that, we have marked these trees with either red and/or pink ribbons and our contractor started this week in removing them.  We ask that people not remove the markings, or place nails in the trees that pose an injury risk to our contractor or others that may be in the vicinity!

Also, we are posting “Road Work Ahead” signs where our contractor will be working and we ask that people take alternative routes because they will not be able to pass by when the contractor is felling trees.  The contractor is removing the debris and District staff is placing the cut logs by our air curtain and Brush and Slash pile for the residents to take for free.  On a side note, the contract is for 3 years and we ask that residents remain patient as we continue to make Forest Lakes Subdivision a safer place to live.