We need your help. In order for us to provide snowplowing of your road we are asking that you not park or store items including vehicles and trailers within the road right of way, which is sixty (60) feet wide. In other words, your items must be parked or stored on your property, not on District property. If you have items within this area, please remove them as soon as possible.

As a reminder, your covenants restrict parking within the road right of ways and provide for a twenty five-(25) foot front setback area which the District utilizes for snow storage in years of heavy snow. Please keep these areas open.

The practice of parking items within the snow wall in an effort to block your driveway open is very dangerous, so unless you are planning to buy the District a new plow truck, don’t do it. A rule of thumb for plowing your driveway is if the District is plowing the roads, then you should be plowing your driveway. Several independent contractors have been providing snow plowing services in Forest Lakes so make arrangements now to have your driveway plowed. Please make sure your contractor does not leave snow in the traveled roadway after cleaning your driveway.

Remember that time is critical during high intensity snowstorms and unnecessary delays to avoid obstacles and accidents impair our ability to get and keep the roads open. When these conditions exist, areas that cannot be plowed in a safe and timely manner will not be plowed.

This letter will serve as your notice of these restrictions. Failure to observe could result in claims against you for damages to District owned property. Please help us, help you.

If you have any questions and/or require additional information, please advise.