• Central Sewer is currently available to all lots in Unit 4, part of Unit 5 and limited areas of Unit 1 and Unit 2.
  • Certain lots may require an approved sewer main extension which will require an application process and waiting period.  Please call the office for details.
  • All 1 acre lots that are not served by central sewer are required to install an approved septic system, please contact San Juan Basin Health. San Juan Basin Health, Phone: (970)247-5702
  • PLEASE NOTE:    All structures or vacant lots approved for RV’s must be connected to an approved sewer system and properly maintained for water service.
  • Our current sewer tap fee rate is $8500.00 with a $400.00 connection fee* River Ranch is considered out-of-district therefore cost are double.
  • Please see Rates for monthly fees.

Forest Lakes Water Central Sewer Availability