Update from the Colorado Wastewater Utility Council that we as a District need to take seriously…only the 3 P’s should go into the toilet.

COVID19 has resulted in a shortage of toilet paper and other paper products.  In response, many have identified and plan to use replacement products such as wipes, paper towels, napkins, cloth, newspaper, and woven towels.  If you have to use one of these alternatives to toilet paper, please don’t flush it down the toilet.  These toilet paper alternates all share one thing in common, they all can clog plumbing and the sewer system.  Toilet paper is designed and intended to disintegrate in the sewer collection system and prevents blocking plumbing and sewer pipes. Wipes, paper towels, rags, diapers, cloth scraps, and other products do not disintegrate in the plumbing and sewer system and can quickly clog pipes, maybe your own sewer line.  Even wipes labeled “flushable” should not be flushed.   When flushed, these products clog sewers resulting in raw sewage flowing out of manholes and into homes and basements, onto the street, and into creeks and streams.  Plumbing and sewer clogs end up creating an increased health risk in the community.  The number of sewage overflows and backups has increased since the start of the COVID19 response.  Additionally, the chemicals in the disinfecting wipes is negatively impacting sewer system test results, which is another bad thing.  Please do your part. Only flush the 3Ps – pee, toilet paper, and poo. If you are out of toilet paper, ALL other alternatives should be put in the trash.


  • Central Sewer is currently available to all lots in Unit 4, part of Unit 5 and limited areas of Unit 1 and Unit 2.
  • Certain lots may require an approved sewer main extension which will require an application process and waiting period.  Please call the office for details.
  • All 1 acre lots that are not served by central sewer are required to install an approved septic system, please contact San Juan Basin Health. San Juan Basin Health, Phone: (970)247-5702
  • PLEASE NOTE:    All structures or vacant lots approved for RV’s must be connected to an approved sewer system and properly maintained for water service.
  • Our current sewer tap fee rate is $7,000.00. * River Ranch is considered out-of-district therefore cost are double.
  • Please see Rates for monthly fees.