No Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) are allowed on any Forest Lakes road including ATVs. 



  • The roads in FLMD are maintained by FLMD staff. During the months when roadwork can be performed, FLMD will maintain roads to the best of our ability. Throughout the subdivision, grading and gravel application will be performed to remove rough surfaces and dust suppressant will be applied.
  • FLMD does not perform law enforcement duties on the roads. La Plata County is responsible for monitoring the roads for traffic violations and issuing citations if needed.
  • PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR LEAVE ANY PROPERTY ON THE ROADS. FLMD roads are too narrow to allow safe parking on the street because two opposing travel lanes of traffic are active at all times. Parking on FLMD roads is prohibited by the FLMD and the covenants. Please read mailing:   road-row-enchoachment-mailing-031716
  • The District is not responsible for accidents that result from vehicles or property left on the roads. We must be able to plow all roads; interference with our ability to perform plowing creates safety issues for all drivers. Please avoid a substantial towing bill by not parking or leaving any property on the roadways.  road-maintenance-snow
  • Property owners are responsible for maintaining their culverts and for the removal of snow, ice or sleet upon any portion of the driveway approach even though it may have been deposited in the course of the District snow removal operations.
  • Please do not plow, shovel, or place any snow onto FLMD roads. Moving plowed snow from driveways back into the traveled roadway is not only dangerous to the traveling public but is prohibited under the model traffic code.
  • Only roads serving habitable structures with Metro water service are plowed during winter months.

Culvert installations/driveways require La Plata County permit and FLMD excavation permit.  FLMD charges a $20.00 excavation permit charge, please see specs and standards below.

Please see La Plata County driveway standards and

FLMD standards and specs: 

Forest Lakes Driveway Specs

Forest Lakes Driveway Standards