From the District Manager

In January of this year, TDL Recycling approached the District about starting a Recycling Program in the subdivision.  Some of the positive highlights of their proposal included providing bins by the existing dumpsters to allow residents to dump trash and recyclables in close proximity to each other, proposed minimal cost, that they would manage the debris from the bins on a daily basis and would remove snow around their bins, etc. However, the negative items of their proposal included, the District managing the billing, billing all residents for recycling whether they use it or not, how to ensure and who’s responsibility it would be to ensure all items were properly segregated, etc. Plus, there were other issues that were discussed including District staff not having personnel to help manage a new program, the fact that new rates would have to be established through a public process, the fact that the District is currently undergoing a rate study where residents should not be required to pay for an “elective” program like recycling, etc.  The District Manager provided the Board with the attached list of Pros and Cons and at the May 11, 2021, Board Meeting to help the Board of Directors determine which direction to go from a policy standpoint.  The Board unanimously decided to go with path #1, which states, “Leave the program as it is, with residents simply having to travel approximately 8 miles to recycle materials at TDL’s facility on Highway 160 in Bayfield. Yes, there is a little impact to residents with this option, but this inconvenience is minimal and surely does not outweigh the costs and issues identified above” in the Pros and Cons list.  So, implementation of a District-wide recycling program was “tabled” for the immediate future, where there could be an opportunity again readdress it sometime in the future.


If you do have an interest in recycling and would like additional information about these opportunities in the local area, we encourage you to either contact TDL Recycling in Bayfield ( or the City of Durango Recycling Center (