• Customers are billed monthly for services (including vacant lots).
  • Utility bills are mailed at the end of each month and due by the 20th.
  • Past due accounts subject to disconnect will be mailed a notice and if disconnected, there will be a $40.00 disconnect/reconnect fee.
  • If an account is 60 days past due, a lien will be filed against the property.

FLMD rates are defined as follows:

(FT)Full time – Structure occupied 12 months.

(PT)Part time – Structure occupied 6 months or less out of the year.

(OC)Occasional – Vacant lot with water/sewer services

(M)Minimum – Vacant lot with water services running infront of the property but not physically connected.

(AV)Availability – Vacant lot with sewer services running infront of the property but not physically connected.

Monthly Fees include:

Water (FT, PT, OC or M)

Sewer (FT, PT, OC or AV)

Road, Trash and Mail box – Flat Fee


Service Impact Fee:  $2.25 per square foot of home (based on the exterior of the walls of the home).  This is a one time fee for all new construction, additions, and garage conversions.  Please call FLMD Office for more info. and to complete a service agreement.

Transfer Fee:  $50.00 (For change of ownership of property within or served by the Metro District – collected at closing)

Excavation Permit Fee:  $20.00 – See Excavation Permit form

Public Records Copying Fee:  $0.25 per page – See Request for Inspection form

** Water and Sewer Fees for River Ranch are set at two times the water/sewer plant investment fees charged within the boundaries of the Forest Lakes Metropolitan District per Resolution 96-06