New FLMD Office

Originally Posted on April 6, 2021 and Updated on July 20, 2021

This ballot initiative was put in front of the voters on November 3rd to seek $347,385 in financing to relocate the FLMD Admin Building to Forest Lakes Subdivision and it passed 612 votes “Yes” and 496 votes “No”.  FLMD staff and the Board of Directors have finalized the loan terms through First Southwest Ban and  the District awarded the construction contract to Hotter Construction Inc. Given the delays in the issuance of the Building permit, Martin Hotter will start construction of the new building the end of July 2021. The estimated construction timeline is 6 months and we expect to have the building construction complete early in 2022.  We invite you to review the drawings showing the floor plans, exterior elevations, site plan, and other construction drawings that are on the website.  If residents have questions, please don’t hesitate calling us at 970-884-2925.

New Office Drawings – February 22, 2021