Forest Lakes Metropolitan District remains committed to addressing issues in our subdivision related to our Mission; Life, Health and Safety; and Quality of Life.  While issues related to our Mission and Life Health and Safety remain at the forefront, fortunately we do have funding to try and provide some significant Quality of Life Improvements in our Recreation Budget that target making this subdivision a nicer place to live.

With that, we have developed a Four Year Masterplan (2020 – 2023) that will make our parks areas more usable, and safer for residents to connect and to enjoy the outdoors.  What are our 3 parks?  The 3 parks are defined as Lake Simpatico, the Community Center Park and the park on Meadowbrook Drive.  These ideas are currently being reviewed by our Board of Directors, but we also encourage your comments also.  Attached are the ideas broken out by park.

Lake-Simpatico Park

Community Center Park

Meadowbrook Park