General Topics of Discussion

Occasionally, rate studies to water and wastewater utilities are required to promote utility sustainability, rate stability and fairness to rate payers. While it can be challenging in tough economic times, setting an adequate rate structure is essential for the utility’s sustainability. Rates must recover the “true costs” of providing service, including all operational costs, funding of necessary reserve accounts and debt service, if applicable. 

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District has partnered with the Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) to complete a rate study for the District!  If you would like to understand the process, outcomes and to provide any input, please attend our initial bi-weekly Zoom Meetings. Once we gain momentum in the process, we may change the meetings to monthly.  We will post all of the Agendas in this location.


Special Meeting / Study Session (Rate Study) Agenda – November 25, 2020

Special meeting/Study Session (Rate Study) Agenda – June 6, 2021

Special meeting / Study Session (Rate Study) Agenda – June 21, 2021


November 25, 2021

June 6, 2021: No Recording Available, meeting rescheduled

June 21, 2021