Thank you to all who have registered for FLMD e-billing, we appreciate it greatly!

If you have registered and haven’t been able to view your bill, you should be able now. Although you may only be able to see your balance due until next billing cycle, at that time you will be able to view your bill in detail.

Thanks again for your patience while implementing this new feature to our billing program. I recommend continuing card billing for the first month, thereafter please contact FLMD admin to discontinue receive utility bill in the mail.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Those of you who are interested in our e-bill service but haven’t registered yet, you will need the following information:

5 digit pin number located at the very top-mid portion of utility bill

4 digit account number located in left top corner of of utility bill

Last 4 numbers of your social security

If you have multiple accounts, each one will have to be entered separately.

*Registration errors are mosting because of typos and incorrect account/pin numbers. If you are logging on the make corrections. You will need to allow 24 hrs from your first attempt before logging back in. Also, if you’re updating an email address please notify FLMD office at