Approved in July 1, 2011.

With the assistance of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, Forest Lakes has done an outstanding job with fire mitigation.  Many residents have been diligent about creating a defensible space around their homes and others have cleaned their vacant lots.   We would like to encourage ALL residents, including those who own vacant lots, to take an active role and let’s make Forest Lakes a safe community to live in.  A brush pile is available for Forest Lakes residents to dispose of their yard trimming.

View CWPP (plan with maps):    cwpp_forestlakes_1108019_final-w-maps


FLMD Emergency AccessRoutes/MAP

Remmow 160 Acre Land Purchase

In January 2016, Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (FLMD) completed the purchase of 160 acres known as the “Remmow” property. The new property forms an upright “L” shape; joins the eastern border of unit 2 and unit 4 in the subdivision; and touches National Forest and private property.  Over past years, FLMD has recognized the need to secure an emergency access route for FLMD residents.  Because of the relatively isolated and mountainous terrain and lack of available land surrounding the FLMD that could be purchased, obtaining the additional emergency route has been a long-awaited process.

The new emergency evacuation access route is accessible at gates located on Pine Cone Drive and East Pine Top Drive. In emergencies, once residents pass through the Remmow property, permission to pass through adjoining private property to Bear Creek Road was granted only for emergency evacuation purposes.  FLMD worked in coordination with Upper Pine Fire Protection on the planning for this evacuation route.  Currently, a rough-cut road has been installed through the Remmow property and access is closed to all motorized vehicle travel.

In addition to providing a new emergency access route, this land purchase has also established a buffer from any potential new development on the southern boundary of the FLMD. FLMD has no plans at this time to develop the land, but improvements to the road will be needed in the future.  The Remmow property is open to light foot travel and, like all other property owned by Forest Lakes Metropolitan District, is closed to any open fires, camping, or hunting.  Anyone using the Remmow property is responsible for understanding his/her location, boundaries, and where private property exists in order to prevent any unauthorized trespassing.  Gates on the property will remain closed and locked unless an emergency evacuation is needed.  In the event of an emergency, UPRFPD and FLMD will coordinate opening the gates.  Please see map, get familiar with route and share this information with your neighbor.