September 21: Executive Order has been extended and is still in effect, currently there is no estimated time for reopening the Brush/Slash pile available

Posted on August 28, 2020

Starting on August 31, 2020, FLMD’s Brush and Slash pile will be temporarily closed to comply with Executive Order D 2020 168, which enacts temporary fire restrictions within the State of Colorado due to extreme fire conditions.  This Executive Order directly impacts the District’s ability to operate our air curtain and to eliminate yard materials that are brought down there.  In the interim, we encourage residents to bring their brush and slash to the Bayfield Transfer Station or to Bondad Landfill.  You can find additional information about the Bayfield Transfer Station and Bondad Landfill by visiting  We will keep everybody informed via our website when we can continue “business as usual” operations at our facility.  Please note that the dumpsters for household garbage are not impacted by this Executive Order.

Executive Order D-2020-168