A key points of our survey:
1. The survey was requested by the BLM – Tres Rios Field Office and has been selected as a
possible fuels mitigation project and other administrative actions.
2. The survey will be in accordance with federal and state statute laws.
3. On the attached diagram there are two lines, a thick red line and thick blue line. The red
and blue lines represent the necessary procedure for the proper section subdivision needed
to locate, verify, protect, and establish the corners needed for the Public Land Survey
System (PLSS) in accordance with federal and state statute laws. These PLSS corners
represent the boundaries of the BLM administered lands, state lands, Forest Lands, and
private lands in the area.
4. The red line on the attached diagram represents the boundary lines that will be marked on
the ground. These boundary lines themselves will be hand thinned (using hand tools and
axes) along the line and posted with a BLM boundary signs, red flagging, and occasional red
paint on necessary trees to best delineate the boundary line. Each boundary sign will be
placed 200 to 250 feet along the lines. The hand thinning will be 2 to 4 feet on either side of
the line so that the boundary signs are inter visible. The brush from this thinning will be
thrown on the BLM side of the line. The marking of the boundaries is one of the most
important aspects we do during an official BLM survey. The marking of these lines will
mitigate the potential encroachment from any BLM administrative action onto the
adjoining land owners and allow the BLM administrative actions to have an educated
decision on administrative actions that can potentially take place on BLM administered
lands. This also mitigates potential encroachments on BLM land from any adjoining lands owners.
5. Access for most of this survey will need to take place through the Forest Lakes subdivision
as some of the BLM lands are land locked from this subdivision.
6. I myself will be the Cadastral Surveyor for the project and will be the direct contact for the
survey. There will also be two other survey technicians in training that will aide in the
completion of the survey.
7. Our work schedule will be Monday through Friday during this time.
8. We have one survey vehicle that we will utilize throughout the survey. A blue Ford 150 with
government plates. This vehicle may need to be parked along the road to access some lands
but we will make sure it is in an area that is OK’d by the FLMD association and will not block traffic.
9. We intend to start the survey May 1st with a tentative completion of 2 months as we juggle
multiple other projects throughout the state.
10. I will personally knock on landowner doors to inform them of our presence and will leave a
business card on the doors that I do not speak with in person.

See link map below

Forest Lakes Subdivision and Surrounding Area – Cadastral Survey