The Forest Lakes Metro District has neither short- or long-range plans to extend services (water, sewer and road improvements)  into Unit 3.  It is cost prohibitive (estimated at almost $28M), and we don’t have the budget, manpower, nor time to install that infrastructure into Unit 3.  This was recognized by the Board of Directors back in 1985 when they passed a Resolution that stated, “the District would not construct or guarantee the construction of any of the public improvements to be located within Unit 3…”.  This funding issue is exacerbated by the fact that our Capital Improvements Plan identified almost $26M in infrastructure work that needs to be completed in Units 1, 2, 4 and 5.   Given that the District’s Service Plan states that the District is supposed to provide this infrastructure, the then Board should have sought an amendment to the Service Plan back in 1985.  To correct this gargantuan error, our current Board of Directors passed Resolution 2021-08 on July 13, 2021, and then officially recorded it with La Plata County Clerk on July 22, 2021.  This document is attached for reference.  We are currently coordinating with La Plata County’s Community Development Director to develop the “right” documents so that we can seek La Plata County’s Board of County Commissioner’s (BOCC) approval to officially delete that requirement to provide the infrastructure upgrades to Unit 3 from the District’s Service Plan.


FLMD Resolution 2021-08 – FLMD Service Plan Amendment – Officially Recorded on July 22, 2021


Forest Lakes Parks Upgrades Master Plan (4 Year Plan – 2020 – 2023)

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District remains committed to addressing issues in our subdivision related to our Mission; Life, Health and Safety; and Quality of Life.  While issues related to our Mission and Life Health and Safety remain at the forefront, fortunately we do have funding to try and provide some significant Quality of Life Improvements in our Recreation Budget that target making this subdivision a nicer place to live.

With that, we have developed a Four Year Masterplan (2020 – 2023) that will make our park areas more usable, friendly, and safer for our residents. What are our 3 parks?  The 3 parks are Lake Simpatico, the Community Center Park and the park on Meadowbrook Drive.  Attached are plans that show how the District will upgrade our 3 parks with our 4-year Masterplan.

Lake-Simpatico Park

Community Center Park

Meadowbrook Park


The Negative Effects of Feeding Wildlife

Many people enjoy feeding wildlife because it allows them to have closer contact with these animals. Often they think they are helping the animals to survive, they could not be more incorrect.  When wild animals begin to depend on humans for food, their foraging skills diminish. When young wild animals learn to depend on humans for food, they become less experienced in foraging and consequently less likely to survive. Furthermore, wild animals that are accustomed to food provided by humans commonly lose their fear of people. Animals that are unafraid of people will approach them for food and are sometimes mistaken for as rabid, or otherwise ill and subsequently killed for the perceived threat. They also become easy targets for people who mean them harm. An instinctive wariness of people is important for a wild animal’s survival.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife also shares many insights on why feeding wild animals is a bad idea:  https://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/do-not-feed-wildlife.aspx