Forest Lakes Metropolitan District Background

The Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (FLMD) was incorporated on July 18, 1973. FLMD and is a Limited Service Colorado Governmental Special District with taxing authority responsible for providing water, limited sewer, roads and recreational services for residents in the Forest Lakes. Forest Lakes is the largest subdivision in southwestern Colorado.

FLMD is governed by a five (5) member elected board of directors which meet, unless otherwise posted, the second Tuesday of each month, at the recreation center building, 998 Alpine Forest Drive. The Forest Lakes Metropolitan District utilizes the BOARD-MANAGER form of local government wherein the elected governing District Board is responsible for the legislative functions of the District, such as establishing policy, passing resolutions, voting appropriations and developing an overall vision for the District. The Manager oversees the administrative operations, implements Board policies, maintains operational continuity through changes in the Board, installation and enforcement of administrative procedures, reviews property owner concerns and comments takes appropriate actions based on Board policies and is chief adviser to the Board.

The business office if located 82 Alpine Forest Drive. Our shop is located 6893 County Road 501 on the west side of the road north of the entrance to the subdivision. The Telephone number for the office is 970-884-2925 and the shop number is Water/Wastewater 970-749-5282 or RROM(roads, rec, open spaces, maintenance) 970-398-5366

This community is located in La Plata County, Colorado and sits between the town of Bayfield and the San Juan Mountains, east of County Road 501 as shown on the Location Map. The subdivision encompasses approximately 1,865 acres, and consists of 1,600 parcels with approximately 800 structures and 2,000 residents.